Bill Evans / Inner Spirit

「Morning Glory」と同じ場所とは思えない、広さを感じる録音。


[CD 1]
  1. Stella by Starlight
  2. Laurie
  3. Theme from MAS*H
  4. Turn Out the Stars
  5. I Do It For Love
  6. My Romance
  7. Letter To Evan
[CD 2]
  1. I Loves You, Porgy
  2. Up with the Lark
  3. Minha (All Mine)
  4. Someday My Prince Will Come
  5. If You Could See Me Now
  6. Nardis

Personel: Bill Evans (p). Marc Johnson (b), Joe LaBarbera (ds)

Recorded live at the Teatro General San Martín in Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 27, 1979.


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